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Is It True?

Don’t believe something is true just because you want it to be true. One of the flaws of modern society is our determined desire to believe what we want to believe in order to prove a point. We’ve all seen and heard this in action. Think about these: “Vitamin C cures the common cold. Eating more carrots improve your eyesight. We only use 10 percent of our brain.” None of these are true, but because so many people have repeated the statements, a great percentage of the population has accepted them as facts. In the day of the rapid introduction...

What do the storms mean?

Early this morning I received a phone call from Ghana. Local Ministry Director, Rev. Samuel (Sammy) Lartey started the conversation by saying, “I have seen on ‘the net’ that the horrific hurricane has reached America. Are you still safe?” After explaining to him that here in North Carolina is nearly 1000 miles from Key West, FL, he was relieved. His next question was this, “Do we have GEM friends in FL?” I told him “Yes, we have many who have faithful supported our work within the state of Florida” which brought the reply, “We shall pray for them and all...

When The Storms Come (and Go)

Most of America has its mind focused on the recent events in the Greater Houston area of Texas. Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall on 25 August 2017 has caused greater damage than had first been realized. There are literally millions of people in this area that have been disturbed, displayed, and devastated by this tremendous storm. Apparently most of America has come together in love, support, and prayer for the people of this region. While the immediate impact of the wind and the rain has passed the devastation and rebuilding will takes years to complete. I know that you will...

The Responsibility of Graciousness

Since my injury on 28 July, God has been teaching me a great lesson that I have not previously learned. For years I have been teaching the basics of the 3G’s of Christian living, i.e. Grateful, Gracious, and Generous. These lessons have been received well by so many people for which I am grateful. During these long days of recuperation – confined almost exclusively to my home in NC, I have learned a great deal about myself, some of which I am not proud. I have been overwhelmed at the amount of attention and affection people have been showing me....

The Opportunity of Patience

On Friday last (28 July 2017) after I had grilled dinner for our family, I made a quick trip out to the deck to gather the remaining utensils from dinner to bring inside. Barefooted and unafraid I picked up the tongs and spatula and turned on the wet deck and started inside. The next thing I remember was lying on my back with my feet completely behind me and my knees in front of me on the deck while Mary and the grandkids were trying to get me up and in the house. I do not want to imply that...

The Reality of Relationships

A dear friend of mine reminded me recently that there are three words (and actions) that are most likely impacting the implementation and realization of our priorities. Most often we need to think in terms of simplifying, having fun, or being more interested in order to accomplish these goals. I think all three of these strategies are connected by one other word and that is relationships. As the relationships go, so goes your influence and impact with those around you. Remember, God created us as relational creatures. Our Heavenly Father says clearly in the second chapter of the first book...