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Vlog: Wednesday’s Word


Vlog: Mindset Monday

https://vimeo.com/586823893 After a great weekend, it's time to set our minds on the things that really matter. Let's show value to those we encounter this week.

Vlog: Friday Finishes

https://vimeo.com/585980304 I hope that we can spend time this weekend Reflecting, Resting, and Renewing ourselves for the upcoming week. This is, the roadmap to success.

Vlog: Wednesday’s Word

https://vimeo.com/585042890 In a world filled with turmoil, God has given us a word of grace. I pray that this week we will Show Grace to those in your circle of influence!

Vlog: Mindset Mondays

https://vimeo.com/583123627 Every week, every day is a choice. Let's choose to show generosity to everyone we meet this week.

Vlog: Faithful Fridays August 5th

https://vimeo.com/583049333 Let the word GRATITUDE sum up your weekend. Show you appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness to everyone. Let's each write God a "Thank-you" note this weekend.