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The Potential and Possibilities of 2018

This past week my wife needed to use my truck for the day and she kindly left me the keys to her car so that I would still be mobile.  It was the first time I had driven her car which we just bought in November and I have to tell you I was a little excited to get to drive the car with all of its fancy thrills.  As I drove along the road I immediately noticed that the rearview mirrors would blink and chirp with warnings anytime something came into my blind spots.  It was a subtle reminder...

The last days of the journey.

2017 was defined in many different ways by every person. It is almost now nothing but memories, and this weekend in a wonderful time to reflect on the accomplishments, failures, victories, defeats, delights and disasters. It’s completely right and reasonable to spend some time reflecting. As you look back at the year now (almost completely) passed, spend some time: Looking thoughtfully at your journal entries for the past year. (If you were not successful in journaling, just move on to the next assignment. Look back at the lessons you learned for your devotional life and scripture reading. If you mark...

The Greatest Word of All

One of the greatest words in universe is grace. It’s often overused and misused, but it is most often misunderstood. Throughout this year we have been talking about developing a G3 lifestyle – Grateful, Generous, and Gracious. I have been amazed and impressed at what I have seen developing in so many of you. You have become far more grateful. Many of you are keeping regular Gratitude Journals where, several days each week, you make somewhat meaningful entries. Remember gratitude is a state of the mind and the heart. It is far more than appreciation for something you have received,...

Homeward Bound 

Another ministry project is now a memory.  After meeting with our entire team this morning we left the field for Accra.  The drive was without incident and we have settled into our hotel in the Capital city for a night of rest before boarding our flight home early tomorrow morning.   It seems like only yesterday that we were leaving for Ghana. During our days here we were able to share the Gospel with over 40,000 individuals in 227 venues where nearly 25,000 indicated decisions for Christ. We continue to pray for the leaders, churches, and pastors here who are tasked with the responsibility of walking alongside these new...

Why are we in Africa? 

In, “My Utmost for His Highest” Oswald Chambers wrote, “A missionary is one sent by Jesus Christ as He was sent by God … In missionary work the great danger is that God's call will be replaced by the needs of the people to the point that human sympathy will absolutely overwhelm the meaning of being sent by Jesus.”  This must ever be in front of us as we travel here (and other places) around the globe in our ministry.  As you pray for us, I hope you will not be distracted by the stories and photos we post.  Never be...
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Jesus Loves the Little Children 

Wednesday morning was a great day for us here. We shared the Gospel message with a total audience this morning of 4,297 students in 25 schools today alone!  It was a day filled with excitement. The schools ranged from 1st to 12th grades which meant children between the ages of 6 and 19.  It is always a precious reminder that kids are a gift from the Lord and they are precious in His sight.  When asked about the little children, the Bibles gives us this narrative, “One day some parents brought their children to Jesus so he could lay his hands on them and pray for...