"Go into all the world and preach the Gospel" --Mark 16:15

How About Follow-up?

While evangelism is our priority, we realize that both our Mission Statement and the Word of God commands us to do all that we can to provide guidance for individual believers to grow in the things of God.

We always provide initial follow-up materials for those individuals who respond to the gospel invitation. Where possible, we gather information on all who make decisions on Information Cards, which we leave with a local pastor. This is sometimes impossible because many of the people cannot read or write or have an “identifiable” address. In two of our countries we have already made available a “series” of materials designed for continual spiritual growth.

How is Our Approach Unique?

This unconventional approach to ministry is the primary strategy of our ministry. Basically there are two approaches used by evangelists today. The one used by most is called “mass” or “crusade” evangelism in which people are asked to come to a stadium or other large gathering place to hear the evangelist preach. This is what we call a “You come to us” approach.

While many evangelists, such as Billy Graham, have experienced tremendous success with this approach, we believe God has called us to a “we go the them” approach which is yielding fruit for our labors. We travel into the remote areas of each country and conduct Village meetings, rather than church meetings. The primary tool used in these village meetings is, and will continue to be the screening of the JESUS film in the language of the people. In addition to this, we have been given an unbelievable opportunity to reach the people of these countries through an almost unlimited, invitation to enter into the public schools and conduct assembly programs. We are able to give a clear gospel presentation that calls for a decision.