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The Necessity of Storms

A few weeks back I wrote, “Information without Implementation leads to devastation.” This past week all of us were bombarded with information, but what we do with this will determine our future. With all of this information, I hope you will choose to implement some tactics immediately. Many of us returned to our homes and offices and became fully aware of the storms, winds, and rains that we are actually in. All of these are a natural part of life for which God has (and is) preparing us. There is a story in the Bible about Jesus and his disciples...

Learning to Lead

In recent days I have had a recurring conversation with several people that centered around the question of how to increase in their understanding of the Bible. In other words, how can I make my devotional life stronger than it has ever been? The simplistic answer is this, Read it more! More frequently, more faithfully, and more fully. The truth is that we must LEARN to study it. Let’s consider the word L E A R N LISTEN to the Word of God. Listening is the key to almost every relationship in life. The more we listen the more we...

Don’t Forget the Why

In all of our lives, we have spent a great amount of time, energy, and money is learning the how’s of life.  Much of this has been beneficial, and we are all able to do things better and better because someone taught us “how to do it.” The how’s are extremely important. Knowing “how to do it” has certainly been evident while watching the NCAA March Madness Basketball games.  It has been entertaining and frustrating watching our teams play, and win, and loose.  Each team that started on the Road to the Final Four worked diligently on the how’s of...

The Most Basic of All

This morning I was reminded of the 7-point creed that college basketball coach and excellent leader, John Wooden lived by. It is said that Coach Wooden kept a folded-up index card in his wallet until he died at the age of 99 in 2010. On this card was the list of basics he constantly lived by. This card had on it a handwritten 7-point creed that his father had given him as a graduation gift from elementary school. It reminded me of the value of the basic things. Of the seven points in the creed, there is one that caught...

How Jesus Catered to People

Thank you guys for remembering to pray for us during this past month. The ministry project to Ghana was, by far, the most difficult to date and presented itself with many physical, emotional, and spirituals challenges, but through it all God blessed us in incredible ways. We spoke in 173 venues to a total audience of 54,000 where we saw 38,426 indicated decisions for Christ! Thank you to everyone who joined us through prayers and financial support. You made a huge difference with this team. One of the great lessons that I learned during this particular project was the value...

When The Dust Settles

(Charlotte, NC) I hope by now you have found our video journals and blogs on our website. To view them go to https://gemonline.org/video/ The final numbers are in and on this project we shared the gospel in 173 venues to a total audience of 53,917 individuals where, by God’s amazing grace, 38,426 people openly indicated their decision to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Now that we have had the opportunity to reflect on the project what are some of the lessons we have learned: Four American teams members is the perfect number. The only variable is when Dr....