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The Futility of Fear

There are times in all of our lives that we choose to operate from a position of fear.  These are always circumstantially driven and left unchecked end in disaster.  It sure seems to me today that far too many people today are operating in a position of fear. What do I do when I'm afraid? The word of God is replete with words against fear.  A quick google search most commonly shows that there are 365 “fear nots” in the Bible (one for each day of the year) but the truth is there are far many more than that.  Regardless...

Prayers for Mark

Please pray for for Mark. He is my daughter’s manager. His cancer has returned and he is a single parent of a 3 year old. I promised we would pray for him.

Friday Field Report

[Frankadua, Ghana.] Our second full-week of morning ministries are behind us.  As of noon on Friday our teams have shared the Gospel in 246 venues to an estimated audience of 60,000 individuals where we have witnessed 36,847 indicated first-time decisions for Christ.  The power and provision of God never ceases to overwhelm us. I am extremely grateful for the TEAM that God called for this project.  Jeff Andler, Craig Barker, and Mark Chase have once again shown me and our Ghanaian team their genuine love, commitment, and devotion to the Gospel.  While every team that comes to Ghana brings their distinct gifts and contributions to this group of men deal with the obstacles, challenges, and discomforts without even the...

Follow the Leader

[Frankadua, Ghana] It’s Tuesday afternoon in Ghana, and our project, thus far, has allowed us to speak in 182 venues to a combined audience of over 46,000 individuals.  This is a remarkable blessing of God. All four teams have seized incredible opportunities to share the Gospel in schools, vocational institutions, nightly village and remote film shows, and in the town squares.  We never take these for granted and see each one as a Divine assignment from the Lord.  I, for one, certainly am having my eyes reopened to the truth that our daily obligations and opportunity are assuredly diverse. This morning while...

Ghana:  Sunday Update 

[Frankadua, Ghana.] Our first full week of ministry is now in the books!  It was a full and productive week where our teams spoke in 134 venues to an estimated audience of around 30,000 individuals where over 21,000 people indicated their first-time decision for Christ.  This is certainly a testimony to the power of God’s Word! As we think about this past week we have all been keenly aware of the difference between being religious and having a relationship with Christ.  Both physically and through the airwaves is the reminder of religion and churches.  Of the 12 channels on the television we noticed that 9 of them were preachers talking about...

The Call of God and Personal Responsibility 

[Adidoma, VR Ghana.] It is afternoon on Thursday and our teams, since last Saturday, have collectively shared the Gospel in 104 venues to an audience of over 21,000 individuals where an estimated 15,000 have indicated personal decisions to receive Christ! The call of God on our lives takes us to places we have never imagined.  Traveling down these rough rugged roads has somehow begun to feel normal for us.  The sights along the way have become routine for those of us who have been coming over the past two decades, but each day is distinctively unique.  Yesterday we were face-to-face with government officials and the area Chief and...