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Disturbed but not Defeated 

[Adidoma, VR Ghana.] Last night was much better than before.  We had a good dinner and comfortable night’s rest.  Thank you for praying with us. Tuesday began like any other day on the project.  After breakfast our teams set out for another day of ministry in the assigned areas.  My team (each American has a team of locals who travel exclusively with them for the entire time we are in country) arrived at our first school and all seemed exactly like the others.  It was a fairly large Roman Catholic school with a total student and teacher body of around 1,000 in...

Frustrations are not Failures

[Adipoma, VR Ghana.]  The team arrived safely in Accra on Saturday morning and followed our normal routine of going to the market for necessary provisions, checking into the hotel, catching up about our work back home and reminiscing about previous ministry projects together around the world.  After a comfortable day in the new place, an early dinner, we all turned in pretty soon for a great night’s rest.  It seemed like we were just across the street from home. A small group of our Ghanaian team arrived on Sunday morning to collect us and transport us the 3 hours to our first field assignment of the project. ...

Wheels Up

After months of preparation our team is ready to “take off” for Africa. The season of planning and preparation is now over and we are anticipating a time of sowing and reaping. This will be the first project that is co-directed by both our outgoing director, Rev. Dr. Sammy Lartey and our new incoming director Rev. Ebenezer Agbleze. Sammy has given most of the preparation work to Ebenezer but has remained a trusted “eye in the sky” to minimize any potential problems. He has taught us what true leadership looks like and for this we are all grateful. Our team...

After the Storm

In my last blog I wrote, Right now some of us are facing times of adversity in many areas of our lives. You’ve heard me remind you before that each of us are always in one of three places in all the areas of life: Headed into a storm In the middle of a storm Coming out of a storm Little did I know that many of us in the eastern part of our country would be facing Hurricane Florence, but we were. Now, a week removed from the actual storm itself much of eastern part of North Carolina and...

When Challenges Come … Be Persistent

For some time now I have been reading Andy Andrews book, “The Seven Decisions” which has proven both challenging and helpful. The final chapter in the book talks about the Persistent Decision which states, “I will Persist without Exception.” We each find ourselves facing the challenges and changes of life. As surely as these current scorching days of Summer will fade into the cooler days of Fall then Winter, so our personal and professional seasons constantly changing. Right now some of us are facing times of adversity in many areas of our lives. You’ve heard me remind you before that...

Harvest Ghana 2018.2 is coming

The countdown to our next Ghana trip has begun. On Friday, 21 September 2018 our team of 4 departs the USA for Africa. Joining me on this project will be Jeff Andler, Craig Barker, and Mark Chase. These seasoned evangelists, pastors, and leaders are ready for God’s work in incredible ways and I am personally grateful to and for each of these dear brothers. I spoke with our retiring director Rev. Dr. Sammy Lartey yesterday and he assured me that all the preparation plans for this upcoming project is going well. He reiterated the need for continued prayers for the...