Half-time Report

[21 February 2020 Mankesim Central Ghana] We have reached the halfway point in this project. Everything here is going well. With the exception of some minor “travelers health” issues all has gone according to plans. Please pray that these “discomforts” will clear up soon.

The local team members have worked tirelessly and have been timely in everything. The leadership of Ebenezer is displayed through the actions of all of his team. There remains an excitement and enthusiasm in all things, for which we are thankful.

Over the past year we have put a great emphasis on training and coaching our team here. We have weekly team meeting via video conferencing and this has certainly yielded results. Let me share two examples of the importance of coaching and training.

-Again today our vehicle stopped and picked up a couple of people walking down the long dirt road to give them a ride in the direction they were walking. The first words I heard from the back seat was, “Give them Jesus!” and immediately one of our men began to share the Gospel message. In a few minutes, riding down this very uncomfortable road, I heard the two guests praying to receive Christ. It made me wonder what is our excuse for not sharing Christ today? These men have been trained to look for every opportunity to share Christ.

-A second example today was when we arrived for our ministry location this morning and I turned to our driver, Gershon and asked him, “Are you ready to preach?” Without even the slightest hesitation, he responded “YES!” He walked into the classroom with me and I introduced him and he preached flawlessly and witnessed many, many of the students pray to receive Christ. Gershon is both a wonderful mechanic (who keeps our vehicles running) and driver, but now he is most importantly now an evangelist. We have been teaching and training him for many years and this reminds us that training pays off!

Through Friday afternoon our teams have spoken in 105 venues to a combined audience 33,937 individuals where over 20,000 have indicated for Christ! This is another testimony to the power, promise, and provision of God’s Word.

“Faith comes from hearing and
hearing through the Word of Christ.”
-Romans 10:17