Wednesday Update from Ghana

It’s Wednesday morning in Ghana — another day of schools, travel, and The Gospel message going forth. Thus far we have been able to share the message in 73 venues to an estimated crowd of 18,600 people where at least 12,500 individuals have indicated their decisions for Christ.

As I posted a few days back, our long-time ministry colleague Rev. James McLean passed away last weekend. His funeral service is today in NC.

I spoke to him just a few days before we left for Ghana and he, once again, told me how much he wished he could be on the trip with us. I think I knew it my heart that James had made his last trip to Ghana in the Fall of 2017. He had been coming with us since March 2003.

Our team has been reflective of our memories of James and we have all come to the awareness that “one of our team” is gone. I want to honor James with these thoughts from our team, and penned by Jeff for the team.


We knew that getting settled into our rooms the evening before beginning our Ghana school evangelism ministry would involve the usual details – but hearing and processing the news that our long time friend and ministry partner James McLean had passed from this life to the next just moments before was not one of them. James, your struggling health kept you stateside during our last few Africa projects, but you were always here in the memories and conversations of both the American and local team members. There were other times you struggled but seemed to recover enough to surprise us with one more trip, and we wondered if there may yet be another. But the One who holds the keys to life and death knew otherwise.

Maybe we selfishly wanted to see once more if there would be another supply of chocolate covered peanuts or other delights that might be shared from that amazing suitcase of goodies you would bring. You always seemed to pack more Bibles than clothes, so you could share them with whomever may be waiting around our hotel, school, or market. And if any of us hoped to be the first to share the Gospel with a housekeeper, cook, or driver, we learned we would have to get up early to beat you to it, only to find you had gotten to them the night before!

I suppose one of us will have to get the hymns and choruses going as we roll down the roads from now on. It’ll be too quiet if we don’t, which would probably remind us of your absence even more.

It was impossible to doubt your love for Christ and for sharing him with others, particularly as we watched you do so countless times in our efforts in Ghana. Many will join us in eternity as a result of God using your faithfulness to draw them to Himself.

So, James McLean, you left your mark in this world. You have left, but your mark has not! May we cling to the reminder you have given, that each of us will be removed from this life, while what we leave behind for the glory of God will remain forever.

Farewell for now our friend. Enjoy your rest. To whatever extent possible, pray for us who remain, that we may reflect your love, your faithfulness, your humility – till we join together again in that land that is home to us all.

God bless you all and continue to pray for the McLean family and this current project in Ghana.