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Ghana Update: 69,440 hear Gospel

Exciting news from the team from Ghana: Over 69,440 people across 287 venues have heard the Gospel and over 49,937 have indicated decisions for Christ.

Thursday Update

Our teams have completed our Thursday school ministries. As of noon (GMT) we have been able to share the Gospel message with total crowds of 62,976 individuals in 271 venues. This is an amazing testimony to the greatness of God. So often we are interesting in knowing how many people “got saved” and I can honestly say that we do not know. I can tell you that so far, 45,125 people have indicated a decision to receive Christ, but that is not our responsibility! The work of salvation is all the work of God. All our team members can do...

Learning the Lessons

Each day we learn more and more. It is thrilling to see all that God is doing in and through our work here in Ghana. We learn more about ourselves and our work in the world. This morning while in a village school, Evangelist Mark Chase said that while there were no teachers present when he arrived, all the school children were working diligently to clear the school yard of leaves and debris while others were sweeping and cleaning the classrooms. He noted that when he called them together, they eagerly came and listened to the Gospel message and when...

Thank God for Partners

Far too often we think we are working alone. I have been coming to Ghana since 2001. During these 19 years I’ve been blessed to witness God do some incredible things — 100’s of thousands of people have indicated a personal decision to follow Christ, and well over 1,000,000 people have heard the Gospel. This is a wonderful testimony to the mighty work of God! Another thing I know is that none of this would have happened alone. My work in Ghana began when an evangelist from Texas, Rev. Mack Kearney of Gospel Harvesters International, invited me to join his...

It’s Sunday morning

It’s about 0430 here in Ghana. The rains are falling outside our window and the sound is both refreshing and relaxing. Other than the sound of the rain, everything is quiet. Our accommodations here have been more than adequate, a testimony to the pre-project planning of our leadership here in Africa. These men have been being prepared for their new roles here over the past decade and a half and I am thankful for all who have poured into these men and women through the years. The true proof to our leadership is revealed in the lives and work of...

The passing of my friend

I received a text message last night that told me of the passing of Bobby W. Poe. Most of you reading this do not know the man, but I did. He is the first person I remember in life who was not a part of my immediate family. What I mean is that I cannot think of a person I have known longer than Bobby — I have known him for more than 59 years. Bobby is the dad to our ministry colleague, Andy Poe who did not come on this project because of the rapidly declining health of his...