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Posts by Roy Mason

The Love Test Checklist

The thing that I have been working on with our team in Africa and here is been around the theme of becoming more engaged through relationships. There is something I think we all need to be reminded of in regards to relationships. What do you think the common denominator is in all relationships? Now the…

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The Blessings of Brokenness

As you know our team has just completed our ministry projects in Ghana for this year. I want to thank you for everything you did to help us in this most recent project. The project began with much frustration and challenges with old personnel on the ground there, but by God’s grace and the prayers…

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Thursday Update

Our teams have completed our Thursday school ministries. As of noon (GMT) we have been able to share the Gospel message with total crowds of 62,976 individuals in 271 venues. This is an amazing testimony to the greatness of God. So often we are interesting in knowing how many people “got saved” and I can…

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Learning the Lessons

Each day we learn more and more. It is thrilling to see all that God is doing in and through our work here in Ghana. We learn more about ourselves and our work in the world. This morning while in a village school, Evangelist Mark Chase said that while there were no teachers present when…

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Thank God for Partners

Far too often we think we are working alone. I have been coming to Ghana since 2001. During these 19 years I’ve been blessed to witness God do some incredible things — 100’s of thousands of people have indicated a personal decision to follow Christ, and well over 1,000,000 people have heard the Gospel. This…

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It’s Sunday morning

It’s about 0430 here in Ghana. The rains are falling outside our window and the sound is both refreshing and relaxing. Other than the sound of the rain, everything is quiet. Our accommodations here have been more than adequate, a testimony to the pre-project planning of our leadership here in Africa. These men have been…

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The passing of my friend

I received a text message last night that told me of the passing of Bobby W. Poe. Most of you reading this do not know the man, but I did. He is the first person I remember in life who was not a part of my immediate family. What I mean is that I cannot…

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