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Why are we in Africa? 

In, “My Utmost for His Highest” Oswald Chambers wrote, “A missionary is one sent by Jesus Christ as He was sent by God … In missionary work the great danger is that God's call will be replaced by the needs of the people to the point that human sympathy will absolutely overwhelm the meaning of being sent by Jesus.”  This must ever be in front of us as we travel here (and other places) around the globe in our ministry.  As you pray for us, I hope you will not be distracted by the stories and photos we post.  Never be...
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Jesus Loves the Little Children 

Wednesday morning was a great day for us here. We shared the Gospel message with a total audience this morning of 4,297 students in 25 schools today alone!  It was a day filled with excitement. The schools ranged from 1st to 12th grades which meant children between the ages of 6 and 19.  It is always a precious reminder that kids are a gift from the Lord and they are precious in His sight.  When asked about the little children, the Bibles gives us this narrative, “One day some parents brought their children to Jesus so he could lay his hands on them and pray for...

The Satisfaction of Sameness 

Another day in Ghana.  Up before daylight, coffee and devotional reading, then breakfast with our team.  Tuesday morning felt just like every other day here. Our Ghanaian team members arrive in our four vehicles, knock on our doors, ask us about our night, and then remark, “We are ready to set out” which means we are about to embark on another journey into the bush to speak in schools and villages.  It really is another day in Paradise. Each place we speak we are able to share personal copies of the Bible with those who want them.  It is a blessing...

Adapt and Overcome 

This week started with a wake-up alarm at 0455.  Not early for some, but the middle of the night for me!  This early morning beginning was due to the fact that we were scheduled to speak in a series of senior High Schools which are the only places in Ghana that adhere to any sort of genuine schedule. I was scheduled to speak in an English/Arabic High School which was both exciting and challenging.  The students (and staff) were very well behaved and listened carefully to the message about Jesus Christ being the only way to an eternity with God.  Many Muslim students...
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The Three R’s

Sundays are always special in Ghana.  After a full week of intense field ministries here our teams are grateful for Sunday.  We can sleep a little later, eat a little slower, and simply enjoy of time together.  We Americans gather for a time of fellowship, devotion, prayer, (and even singing sometimes) while our Ghanaian counterparts travel back to their home churches to participate in local church ministries.  Such is a day in the life in Ghana.  As I sit here and think on the past week, I am reminded that today is a day to …   Reflect on what God has been doing all along. One...

Sunrise on Saturday

The stillness of sleep was interrupted by the sound of crickets from my iPhone.  The familiar sound ushered in the new day as the dark sky began to yield to the morning glimpses of another day.  The air was pleasant.  The fog settled into the trees just below the ridge-line. Yes, another day had come.  Only God knows what this day will hold. Saturday always proves to be a special day for our entire team in Africa.  A few years back a dear friend and mentor of mine taught me the importance of always making your team feel loved and...