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At the Half

(Nkwanta, Ghana) With the first half of this project “in the books” we are looking forward to a time of reflection and preparation for what is ahead. Through noon on Friday we have spoken in 92 different venues to an estimated audience of over 26,000 individuals. Thanks be to Jesus for His incredible grace! Dr. David Ney left here yesterday (Thursday morning) for the long journey back to Accra before his flight home today. David is a long-time ministry partner of our ministry here and this was his 11th project which began in 2008. Dr. Ney brings a unique set...

Keep It In Perspective!

(Nkwanta, Ghana) The ministry here is in full swing. Thank you all for continuing to pray for our work here in West Africa. Thus far (since Saturday night) our teams have proclaimed the Gospel message in 57 venues to a combined audience of nearly 19,000 people. “Thanks be unto God for His indescribable gift…” (2 Cor. 9:15) Keep it all in perspective! As I have already shared with you through the blogs we have certainly experienced some light challenges on this trip (now we all feel extremely foolish for perhaps overemphasizing them) but through them all we have, once again,...
Ghana 2019

More Than We Expected

(Nkwanta, Ghana) Our team has all arrived in our field location. This was certainly no small feat! Saturday morning began with our America team enjoying breakfast in Accra after a great night of rest and relaxation after the long journey from America. We were filled with anticipation of what was ahead. Then it all began … The journey quickly turned into more of a duty than a delight! The dust and smoke filled the air and covered everything and everyone. The roads transitioned from pavement to gravel, to dirt, to paths. The travel was uncomfortable and challenging. About 7 hours...

The Project Begins

Our entire team (Craig Barker, Marckwardt Chase, David Ney, Andy Poe, Michael Swink, and myself) have all finally arrived in Accra and are set to travel the six hour drive tomorrow morning to our project site. After months of prayer and physical preparation, we are all trusting the Lord to give us a bountiful harvest. The team has all meshed together very well and are looking forward to this adventure. We spent the day doing the normal things like going to the market to get our supplies for the next two weeks. I have been in regular communication with our...

The Main Thing

Is the plain thing The new year is fully open. The college football season is over and with the games this past weekend we now know who will play in the NFL Super Bowl! The four teams that were in the playoffs have all decided to remember the main thing … whatever they determine that to be. For the two teams who lost in the playoffs, their choice was to lament a couple of missed calls and whine about what might have been, or make the main thing about looking and working for the future! You and I have a...

Starting Strong

How we start will determine how we finish! Happy New Year! Entering 2019, I hope that you have already paused to think about things for which you are grateful. For me, I’m grateful that the Hallmark Christmas movies are over, even though I enjoyed watching them with Mary (since November) – I’m certainly grateful. For years I have been reminding you that the bedrock of our life in Christ is that we display the 3G’s of gratitude, grace, and generosity. Every single time I miss the mark, I can evaluate which of the 3G’s was missing. In other words, I...