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There Are No Defeats

“God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” –Romans 8:28 [Thursday, 01 March 2018-- Ho West General Area, Ghana] Our morning began with high anticipations of all that was going to be accomplished. The national teams arrived early (which is a rarity indeed) to collect us for our various school ministries.  We all left our hotel and headed in different directions with excitement and a sense of wonder. Mark’s team traveled to their scheduled school to discover that all of the students had traveled to...

A Project of Firsts

“You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” --1 John 4:4 nasb [Wednesday, 28 February 2018-- Ho West General Area, Ghana] Each new project introduces us to areas for improvement. Even after 17 years of ministry here we continue to fine-tune and adjust strategies and tactics on the ground. According to our National Director, Rev. Sammy Lartey, our Director-in-training, Rev. Ebenezer Agbleze has been responsible for nearly 80% of the preparation and training for this particular project. With this being his first such...

Closer Home

[Ho West District, Ghana Monday, 26 February 2018]  Monday makes us all realize that we are one step closer to home.  We awoke this morning to a steady rain which had waned during the evening.  Last night the sky was filled with a beautiful display of lightning flashed and the sounds of distant thunder.  This mighty display of God also ushered in an evening without electrical power to the hotel.  It seems here that whenever there is an electrical storm the area intentionally turns off the power in hopes to avoid damage.  We were all grateful that the evening air...

At The Half

[Ho West District, Ghana Tuesday, 24 February 2018]  Our stay at the Royal Sky Hotel has proved to be restful and reasonable. The place is clean and the staff is extremely accommodating.  This has been made possible through the fact that we brought our own cook along with us (Benedicta Agbleze, who is the wife of our associate director, Ebenezer) who has prepared meals for us that she knows we are all comfortable eating.  This means no exotic local meats which always give us pause. Our friend, Dr. David Ney left here Friday for his flight to the USA on...

Update from Ghana

[Ho West District, Ghana Tuesday, 20 February 2018] This ministry project, as anticipated, has started well. Our American team members – Jeff Andler, Craig Barker, Mark Chase, David Ney, and Andy Poe have made my job much easier. Combined these team members have worked in over eighty-five projects in Ghana since 2001. This is certainly a testimony to the work of God. The dental clinics have worked well and proves again to be an excellent avenue for the presentation of the Gospel to people who otherwise might not be exposed to the Lord of Christ. David continues to display a...

Total Chaos

(but God is in Control) [Ho West District, Ghana Tuesday, 20 February 2018] The morning began like any other. Up early, good fellowship around the breakfast table, travel down the rough and dusty roads on our way to various school and dental programs. Same old story … or so we thought. On my way to the first scheduled school program we were informed that the necessary preparation for the dental clinic had not taken place. In a panic to get this organized, our men offered every imaginable excuse for their failures but really only resulted in a hasty organization of...