Where does this road go?

All roads lead to somewhere

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.46.49 PMYou have probably heard the expression “the middle of nowhere” but today every one of our team members were sure that was exactly where they were. I know by now you are probably tired of hearing about the horrible roads we are traveling down and I will do my best to refrain from mentioning them in this blog.

We started our day like every other day … breakfast … boarding the vehicles … leaving the parking lot and setting out for our morning assignments. All three teams, each in separate vehicles, turned right from the hotel’s entrance and drove out on the good roads of Ghana. It seemed, after we turned on to the side road, that we were going further than normal on this day. Mark’s team stopped at a roadside school for their first venue. Waving as we passed, both Jeff’s team and mine continued on the same rugged road. In a little while the road was becoming increasingly more precarious as the water from the mountains ahead had cut deep furrows into the clay passageway. It was nearly an hour later that Jeff’s team stopped for their first school assignment and our vehicle turned off onto an even smaller and more difficult way.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 3.03.50 PMAs we crept along we engaged the 4 wheel drive and used the low gear on our vehicle on numerous occasions. Eventually, made our way to our first duty station. Once we got there, I breathed and asked Ebenezer and Jacob, “how on earth did we find this place?” Ebenezer’s reply was priceless:

“Well, every road leads somewhere! When we find a road we ask people where it goes and then we follow it there. 
We find people who have never heard the truth about God’s love for them, so WE MUST GIVE THEM CHRIST!”

That is it. We are not called to stay in the relative comfort of paved roads and city schools. We are commissioned to go where others refuse to go. We will do it, by God’s grace, until everyone in our circles of influence have heard the amazing story of God’s love in Christ Jesus!

Today was wonderful … traveling down the road less traveled … witnessing people respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus far, through Tuesday noon, we have be able to share the message with nearly 18,000 individuals and see over 13,000 indicate a first-time decision for Him. What a mighty God we serve!