When you Pray for Rain

[Ada, Ghana] We awoke on Wednesday morning to very heavy rain, for which we were thankful.  Thankful that it settled the dust and cooled the air but it made our journey to our assignments more difficult.  Riding in vehicles without the conveniences of defoggers or air-conditioners made for a long morning.

We were asked to be prepared for departure from our hotel this morning by 6:30 at the latest, but because of the weather we were delayed until nearly 8.  This was frustrating because we had asked our cook to have breakfast ready by 6, and when she discovered that we had not departed, over 90 minutes after that she was noticeable angered.  We reassured her that we had no control over what our national team members did and she seemed to be eased.

This situation of course caused us to have some tensions with our team we they did arrive, but we left for our assignments and prayed that we would still be able to meet in our assigned schools.  The rain had put us behind by nearly 90 minutes, we were frustrated, but God was in control!

Arriving at our first school we discovered that this large “Presby” school was in the middle of their weekly chapel service which was being conducted by the local pastor and chaplain of the school.  He shared a passionate message about “never looking back from Jesus” and then he concluded the message by saying “if you want to know more about Jesus, see me after the service.”  It’s all good, right?

Our team was introduced next and I shared the straightforward Gospel presentation and invited people to call on Christ as their savior.  During this time of invitation many students prayed and invited Christ into their lives – and so did the Pastor!  It reminded me then that there is a huge difference in knowing ABOUT Jesus and KNOWING Jesus.

I am thankful that the rain delayed our arrival in the school this morning.  Had we not been 90 minutes late we would have missed the Pastor completely.  This was the plan of God.  Always remember, He is in control!

Please join us in praising God for all that He is doing here, and prayer that we will continue to follow His leadership with all our heart and mind. On behalf of everyone here, I want to say Thank-you for continuing to pray.

Blessings, Roy