What Legacy Am I Building?

This past weekend I watched the memorial service for Dean E. Smith, long-time basketball coach of the University of North Carolina. (I realize that just saying that will cause some of you to stop reading…oh well.)

What struck me most were the words that were used to describe Coach Smith. I did not pay much attention to the things that were said about his basketball coaching, but I was keenly aware of the repeated statements about his character. Former players, friends, coaches, colleagues, and competitors said the same thing again and again. “Coach Smith was a greater man than he was a coach!” someone said. Another player quipped, “He coached me about basketball for four years but he coached me about being a better man all his life.” Words like humility, conviction, dedication, compassion, loyalty, bravery, and love, were used over and over again.

It got me to thinking …

What are the words you hope people will be able to say about you?

Each of us is building a legacy every day of our life. The deeds and decisions of today will impact tomorrow. There is little we can do about our past failures (or victories), but we can determine how we will live today. Remember your true character is revealed in the times of crisis and trial. It is always through the challenges and struggles that we are forced to realize that we cannot make it on our own. Remember Rule #1: “God is in control … I am not.”

With this in mind, start today to build the legacy that exalts Jesus and makes you a better person. Formulate a list of five to seven words that you really want to be true about you. Keep these words in mind as you make your every decision. Our legacy will be determined by our love for and commitment to Jesus Christ. Make your legacy count.