What do the storms mean?

Early this morning I received a phone call from Ghana. Local Ministry Director, Rev. Samuel (Sammy) Lartey started the conversation by saying, “I have seen on ‘the net’ that the horrific hurricane has reached America. Are you still safe?” After explaining to him that here in North Carolina is nearly 1000 miles from Key West, FL, he was relieved. His next question was this, “Do we have GEM friends in FL?” I told him “Yes, we have many who have faithful supported our work within the state of Florida” which brought the reply, “We shall pray for them and all the people of America!” These questions revealed the true heart of all our colleagues in Ghana!

The next question was far more revealing that the opening salvo from Sammy. He next said, “Roy, what do you think all these storms mean? Does it mean the “rapture is coming?” My unrehearsed response was simple. “Sammy, I am sure that the rapture is closer today than it was yesterday, but I do not think that the present storms are an indication of the end-times.”

As I said in my last blog,

“Storms are a natural part of life and the real question is what will we do when we find ourselves confronted by these. Remember all of us are in one of three places (as it relates to storms.) Either we are
headed into a storm,
we are in the midst of the storm, or
we are coming out of a storm.
Where do you find yourself today? Regardless of where you find yourself it is important to remember that Jesus is both landlord and” sea Lord” of all. When the disciples encountered a storm on the sea, Jesus came to them walking on the water and brought peace to all. (see Mark 6:45-56)”

There are some lessons that we can learn through the storms. We need always to realize that there are some responses we must keep in mind. The storms of life cause us to think about being:

-Stay GROUNDED. We must always remember to stick to the basics. We must do the things we know do. For most of our lives we have been taught the “right things” for us to do. I know I invested these into my kids and grandkids. It is in the storms that we must never forget the basics. Stay GROUNDED during the season of storms.

-Keep GUARDED. It is important for us to recognize and know the temptations of life. We must be aware of the things that both distract and destroy us. These things are different for each person, but I am certain that you KNOW what these things are in your life. In the times of storms, do not allow these things to distract you. Keep GUARDED.

-Be GUIDED. It is imperative that we invite people into our lives who will guide us in the right direction. I have the unique privilege of serving in this role in many people, none of which I take lightly or for granted. I also have these people in my life. Our mentors and guides have our best interest in mind and are only looking to help us. Always be GUIDED.

Our upcoming project to Ghana is 33 days away (we leave on 13 October) and the storms have certainly already begun.

  1. Ghana’s border with Togo has been closed due to some political unrest in Togo which means that shipments through that country are closed. We purchase bibles for distribution from a supplier in Nigeria which must pass through Togo. Our men on the ground are panicking about this. Please pray for peace of mind and heart in this.
  2. The injury to my knee which required surgery is causing me some concern. While the doctor assures me that I will be okay to travel I know that some of the obstacles in Africa will be a challenge. Please pray for peace of mind and heart in this matter. I do not want this to be a distraction to our project.
  3. Continue to pray for ministry associate James McLean is having some trouble with blood flow to his lower legs and feet. He has seen a vascular specialist and is awaiting word of the timing for treatment including possible surgery. Please pray for God’s healing and grace in the midst of all of this.

All of this is within the hand of the Father and we are trusting Him completely. We still need your participation in this project.

Please consider your most generous gift:
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