We’re headed to Ghana!

The months, weeks, days, and hours of preparation are behind us now. All through today the members of our TEAM will be leaving their home airports and we will convene at JFK for our overnight flight to Accra. We are scheduled to depart around 9pm and will arrive 10 hours later in Ghana. Please pray for our safe travels.

roy-inside-school.jpgThe conversations I have had with our man on the ground says that everything is prepared for our arrival and that we are anticipating a wonderful opportunity for ministry. Please pray that we have the opportunity to share the Gospel with thousands upon thousands of individuals who have yet to hear and/or respond to the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Until our actual arrival in the field location we have no idea what communication back home will be, but I promise, if we are able we will send regular blog updates. On behalf of all our team in Ghana and our traveling team — Jeff Andler, James McLean, and Andy Poe I want to thank you in advance for your constant prayers. Here we go again!