We Need Your Prayers…

Evangelism Workers, Chennai, India

[Chicago, Illinois] — The flight from Chennai was, I suppose, uneventful.  I was asleep before we left the ground and did not wake up until we were approaching Frankfurt!  After a couple of hours in the Lufthansa lounge there, we had another smooth flight to Chicago, where we are now sitting in yet, another lounge.  Our longest layover of all happens to be here in Chicago!

I am grateful to God for His wonderful provision in all that we do. He is so gracious and faithful in guarding and guiding us.  It is a wonderful joy to serve Him.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for my wife, Mary.  I just spoke with her and she is resting well at home and is relatively pain free.  Thank your for the notes of encouragement.  It is good to hear from friends while we are traveling and especially when there is a need back here at home.

The ministry in India was very good.  As I reflect on our times with our Indian friends I am sensitive to:

  • The great opportunity for the advancement of the Gospel on the Subcontinent.
  • The desperate plight of the multitude of people living, not only in the large metropolitan areas, but more so, those living in the rural and neglected villages of the county.
  • The spiritual hunger of these people and their feeble attempts to find answers for this need.
  • The difficult time that Rev. A. James Sundar is having as he transitions into new avenues of ministry.

I would very much like to know that you are praying for us all as we consider exactly what our role in future ministry in India looks like. There are two specific prayer requests I would ask you to lift to the Lord:

          1. When and how often would God have us join in front-line evangelism projects?
          2. How are we to join in the ongoing work of James and his colleagues?

As always, these are exciting days in Kingdom work.  Thank you for all that you do to join us in this work around the world.  You are all very special to me.

Blessings …