We must never give up

[Anyinam, Ghana – 18 Sept. 1515 lt] – After our first night in Anyinam we know a bit more what to expect.  The guesthouse, while filled with promise upon our arrival, has proven to be just like all the rest.   The electricity has a mind of its’ own (viz. it operates when it chooses to) and the water for showers is coming in steady drips.  All in all it is a wonderful place.

The morning ministry began at 0600h and concluded around 3pm (lt).  Today the dentist treated over 30 patients and our combined evangelistic teams presented the gospel to over 1300 people.  The remote schools are smaller than usual but the students are proving to be receptive to the Word of God.

In one of these school assembly programs we watched as the students were intently listening to the Gospel presentation.  At the end of the assembly Pastor Ebenezer Agbleze took two girls aside and talked with them at length.  Unbeknown to me, He was sharing the message of Christ with these two individuals personally.  I realized this only when I saw them bowing their heads and praying.  When I asked him why he had singled out these two girls he responded, “They did not receive Christ in the classroom and I knew in my heart that God was calling them so I met them outside the classroom and invited them again to Christ.  This time, they joyfully received Jesus!”  Then Ebenezer said, “We must never give up when we are sharing the Gospel!”  Thus is the ministry of GEM.

Please continue to pray for this ministry project.  We are traveling to far places over difficult roads to unreached people.  After only one morning of field evangelism our entire team is exhausted (in fact everyone is asleep in the afternoon heat as I write this).  The team returned to the guesthouse in “wet-from-sweat” clothes looking tired, but determined.  We will have two teams out tonight for film crusades.  Each team will be traveling over 1 hour to their assignment.  Pray for the strength of these dear brothers.

Do not forget the national team here.  Their labor is more than doubled that of ours.  For each trip we make into the bush these dear brother has already made four and will have additional work once we are gone.  This is certainly a labor of love, but more importantly it is a labor of calling.  Keep praying for us because we must never give up.