Through the mud with the Message, 29 September 2014


[Asesewa, Ghana] — We only thought the roads were bad last week! Today proved to us that travel in Ghana is a great adventure. The day began like almost any other. Breakfast at 6:45 then off for school ministries by 7:30. We left the hotel, road down the paved road, and then onto the dirt road. Nothing out of the ordinary … right? Wrong!

After being on the dirt road for about 30 seconds, we turned off onto what might best be described as a footpath which had been overtaken by weeds … then rocks … then red clay. It reminded me of the red clay roads of Georgia … only MUCH worse. Eventually the red clay ended and the mud bog began. The Land Rover slipped and slid like it was on ice. The only difference were the sudden splashes of the mud that covered both the sides of the vehicle and everyone inside.

9.30 Bad RoadThe battle with the roads eventually brought us to a remote school where we were able to once again share the good news of Jesus Christ with hundreds of students who were eagerly awaiting our arrival. After giving bibles to all who would receive them, we headed back down that same road where we would branch off onto a road for much more difficult trail!

This Via Dolarosa (the way of suffering) was unlike any we have ever traveled. The highlight of the road was two trees that had been cut to make a bridge for our passage across a fast moving stream. After fording the stream we made our way up and down steep grades to another village school. I never cease to be amazed at the places where people are found. By God’s grace we made it back to our hotel in a little over an hour of travel from our last school. It was a day of adventure, but it doesn’t end here because two of our teams are traveling back to the same remote locations for film crusades tonight.

As of noon on Monday we are delighted to report that 11,047 individuals have indicated decisions for Christ through this ministry on this project. Please continue to pray for us as we start another day tomorrow.