This One Is In The Books

IMG_1824[Monday, 05 October 2015 –CHARLOTTE, NC 2015GMT] — I realize, by the comments of some, that we mistakenly stated “October, rather than September,” in the blogs which required some trouble, by time you read this blog our team was in route to our Accra for our departure ritual. This means that we made the 5-hour journey over rough roads that lead to better roads, which turn back into damaged roads, which eventually lead to solid paved roads and highways into the Capital city.

Once there, we checked in to a very nice airport hotel where we were welcomed to a state of normalcy including hot showers, brewed coffee, iced drinks, a delicious buffet dinner and a great night’s sleep. Prior to the night’s rest, we made some last-minute stops for small souvenirs. We even took a dip in the pool and visited the gym before our departure to the airport on Saturday morning. Our flight from Accra to JFK is scheduled to depart at 0915 GMT and arrive in New York at 1621 GMT.

With the exception of Jeff and I, all team members were able to book flights into our final destination on Saturday night. We, on the other hand, spent the night at an airport hotel in New York and then arrived home on Sunday morning at 1217 GMT – translated for our families … we were back in Charlotte at 8:17AM and absolutely ready to be met my our families.

This project is in the Books. By God’s grace our teams have been able to share the gospel in 157 venues where 38,233 individuals heard a clear and compelling gospel message resulting in 27,386 indicated decisions for Christ, Thank you to every person who have been praying on our behalf.

To God be the glory …GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE.