The Work of the Gospel Continues!

[Chennai, India]  The work of the Gospel continues!  Thus far we have shared the Gospel with over 3,500 individuals in schools, churches, and in open-air venues.  Over half of them have indicated that they prayed to receive Jesus Christ.  (One this initial project, we are only conducting two school programs each day.)

While God knows each of these people by name, I do not.  However, I do know Vineet — our waiter yesterday at the Trident Hotel.  This young man served us well –caring, as Indians do, for our every need.  As we were coming to the end of our meal, the Lord impressed upon my heart to ask him about his spiritual condition.  Vineet responded that he believed in all the gods, and was trying to be a good person in everything he did.  As Jeff and James were intently praying, I began to share the message of Jesus Christ with Vineet, and by God’s grace, when he was presented with the invitation to receive Christ, he bowed his head and prayed and proclaimed Jesus as the ONLY way to salvation.

Vineet came to the point of understanding that all religions are man’s attempts at “getting to God” but Christianity was God, coming to us.  This new brother verbally testified that he had now rejected all other gods as “no gods” and placed all of his hope in the completed work of Jesus Christ.

All of this reminded us that evangelism, while done in mass efforts, is always an individual work.  God calls out to individuals — by name.  Isn’t it exciting that He knows Vineet by name?  Now you do too.  I promised this man that we would pray for him often.  I hope you will add his name to your prayer list and remember him in your time before the Lord.