The Weekly Review

[Friday, 25 September 2015 –Asuom, Ghana] — It’s hard to believe that one week ago we were sitting in the airport lounge at JFK anticipating what the next week would hold.  Rarely are we able to know exactly what is going to transpire in the coming days.  The wait in the Delta lounge gave our team members ample time to reconnect and reminisce about our past adventures in Ghana.

roy-inside-school.jpgAs I have previously blogged our flight to Ghana was uneventful and our arrival in the capital city of Accra was seamless.  After our traditional rounds of necessary stops in that city, teeming with activity, we made the journey out to our first ministry station.  The drive here took us over badly damaged roads that had deteriorated through years of neglect and indifference.  The terrain was roughed and reminded me of my days as a child when many of the rural North Carolina roads were likewise dirt.  Often the road was so cluttered with potholes that we wished for a complete absence of pavement.  The roads change in the blink of an eye from asphalt to gravel to dirt to little more than goat paths.  This trek took us from the busyness of metropolitan Accra through hamlets, villages, and eventually such impoverished areas of the country that it seemed like we had journeyed back several centuries in time.

This week has been marked by the normalcy of field evangelism.  Our schools have ranged from large Senior Secondary Schools to small village schools that seemingly have been forgotten by everyone.  Our nightly film crusades have ranged in size from nearly 1,000 people to fewer than 100 in attendance.  In all of these venues we have witnessed the wonderful power of God displayed through the proclamation of the Word of God.

This morning Jeff was scheduled to speak in a large High School where he was met by the proprietor of the school, who condescendingly proclaimed, “I will not be listening to your message!”   God however had other plans for this man.  Through the anointed preaching of the Gospel the man was drawn to the Word and when Jeff invited people to receive Jesus Christ this man was glorious saved by Jesus Christ.  Following the message, as New Testaments were being distributed to the New Believers, this same man stood and announced to the students that they were to bring their new Bibles to school each day because they were going to start having a Bible Study in their school every week.  This is certainly a testimony to the wonderful grace of our loving Heavenly Father.  The very thing that this man had dismissed has captured Him and made him into an ambassador for Christ.

We are scheduled to travel to next ministry station.  Please pray for tonight’s film crusades and journey tomorrow. Thus far we have presented the Gospel with over 18,000 people in 83 separate venues.  The entire team joins me in sending me our love and appreciation for your continued prayers.