The Time Has Come

The time has come for us to share the Gospel with passion, persistence , and power.
It seems to me that our ministry of evangelism must move forward with more intensity than ever before. While it might be safe to say that the church has had some moments of effective evangelism, the current global data reveals that we must do more.

Presently nearly 6 out of 7 people in the world are without Christ! This sobering reality causes me to realize that whatever we have been doing is not enough. We must find a way to share the gospel with more people in less time. It is imperative that we see the mission field as a personal responsibility and divine assignment.

Too many have left the job of evangelism to others and this has not worked. The command of Jesus is clear. The commission to share the good news of Jesus Christ was never as much corporate as it was personal. Remember, the church was called to GO OUT, not just to SEND OUT. We cannot continue on the path of passive evangelism, we must become involved in personal evangelism.

Let me encourage you to think about evangelism in a more simple way.
Pray. Ask God to give you a heart to see people through His eyes. Only when we see as God sees will we have a burden to share our faith with others.
Read. Certainly reconnect with a systematic approach to reading your Bible, but also read the work of some heroes of the faith. I encourage you to read The Making of the Man of God [Alan Redpath; Revell]
Connect. Make certain you are engaged and involved with a group of believers in your area. Church is not a place to spectate, rather it is a place to participate.
Invest. The time your invest in others will be for the good of both parties. You need to have someone who will hold you accountable and make sure you are staying focused on the main things in life.
Go. Move from your comfort zone and out into the world. Take advantage of the opportunities God places in front of you every day. Tell others about the love of God.

Until Jesus comes, I remain
Yours, in the fulfilling of the Great Commission,
Dr. Roy D. Mason, Jr.