The Testimony of One

Saturday night Andy had another chance to preach in a small village.  When he arrived they were showing the Jesus film, projecting it on the side of a building.  With a crowd of around 200 people, Andy shared the Gospel and many prayed to receive Christ, including one man named Isaac who came and spoke with Andy as the team was breaking down the equipment.

Isaac had such joy in his heart and a smile on his face as he told Andy, through a translator, that for some reason he had been compelled to come to the cinema that night.  He said he had visited many churches looking for hope but tonight, through the message, God had spoken to his heart and he had prayed to receive Christ.  He said that he struggled with alcohol and he knew that the temptation was great.  He asked Andy to keep him in his prayers, that he would be strong enough in Christ to resist the temptation.

Andy prayed with him and encouraged him and challenged him to come to the church that pastor Ebenezer had planted in that small town.


On Sunday morning, Ebenezer invited Andy to speak to his small church plant.  The church meets in an old building and among the congregation this morning was Isaac, who had prayed to receive Christ the night before.


Andy told them that many people in America were praying for them and that the church of Jesus Christ is not the building that they meet in, but the body of believers though out the world that proclaim Christ as Lord.  Andy challenged them to love Christ, study the scriptures, pray for one another, and show the joy, peace and love of Christ in all they do as they evangelize in their village and region in Ghana.