The Project Continues

[Abonse, Ghana] It’s Monday evening as I write these lines. As expected we have very limited access to the Internet so getting the blogs to you is a challenge and getting any videos posted seems nearly impossible. I have so many videos to post to our website, but it might be as late as next Saturday before this can happen. Just bear with me.

Thus far in our ministry (through mid afternoon on Monday) we have stood face to face with crowds in excess of 20,000 in 91 venues where we have witnessed over 13,000 individuals indicate decisions for Christ! We are all thankful for this marvelous opportunity God gives us in the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Sunday evening, we lost electricity for several hours – which is less time than we normally experience with the outages here in Ghana. Our hotel does have a backup generator, but they did not have a battery with which to start the machine. It’s a real experience watching them try and hail a taxi or other passing commercial vehicle which will allow them to remove the battery and bring it down to the generator to “spark” it. It would be funny if it were not so personal. Once the staff gets the generator started we have electricity for the light and fans in our rooms, which does make a difference for sleeping. The nights are not so hot and we have been able to rest very well.

On Monday Jeff and I were able to speak to a total of 16 separate school groups, which was exhausting and difficult, but God ably gave us the grace to complete the assignments. Each evening both James and Andy travel out to some very remote areas of the countryside where awaiting crowds of people are watching the Jesus film. At the appropriate time each of these men are prompted by their interpreter to stand and explain the film and present the gospel message. Project Director, Rev. Sammy Lartey said, “These two men are doing great! Each time they speak they have more power and strength than in the previous night!” Such is a testimony to the glory of God.

We are all thankful for the privilege of this ministry. Please continue to pray for us that we may finish strong and share the gospel with many more people.

Watch our latest videos from Ghana!

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