The Opportunities of Surprise

[Peki, Ghana] —  During our time in Ghana, God has afforded us with many surprises. I’ve written about some of them already.  On most days, somewhere along the road, we offer someone a ride and during their time in the vehicle they are presented with the Gospel, and most times, they respond positively.  We’ve been surprised by the opportunities to go in and share the Gospel with people in unscheduled schools, villages, and towns.

Yesterday I wrote about the activities in this area in preparation for the passing of the Presidential motorcade.  Little did we know that the President would stop by this hotel and take a meal … but he did.

In an unlikely turn of events, the entire Presidential party was right here in the Besom Hotel and Andy, Jeff, and I had the opportunity to personally meet him and talk briefly.  President John Mahama greeted and stood for a photo with us.  I shared with him our ministry here and was delighted that, by all accounts, he too is a believer.  In addition to meeting him, I talked this morning with the Minister of Information who is staying in our hotel.  Having more time this morning, this brother affirmed his faith in Christ and asked that we pray for him — which I did.


I am telling you all of this, not in the way of boasting, but in honest humility.  When I think that God gave us the opportunity to talk with a Head of State, I am reminded that God opens doors that otherwise would never be opened.  Often God gives us “opportunities of surprise” and we must we open and sensitive to these.

You have been praying that God would open the doors of opportunity for the Gospel and He continues to do this in marvelous ways.  I am thankful for your continued prayer for us.  Through Thursday noon we have witnessed approximately 19,000 indicated decisions for Christ in over 130 venues. By God’s grace we will have 2 film crusades tonight, many schools tomorrow, and 2 more film crusades on Friday and Saturday evenings … unless God gives us more “opportunities of surprise!”