The Obligation of Opportunity

[15 March 2017, NAADG] Thank-you to all who are remembering to pray for us while we are in Ghana. Each day we awake to a new day, filled with opportunity and obstacles. While the obstacles are mostly unworthy of mention, the opportunities are unbelievable! Thus far in the project God has enabled us to share the gospel with over 10,000 individuals in at least 60 separate venues to people for various walks of life.

Each day we are reminded of the obligation we have to share the message of Christ will those around us. This morning, while speaking in a local school, team member Mark Chase, had the opportunity to observe several students from the Muslim tradition hear and respond to the message of Christ. They also received their first-ever copy of the Bible, and began their journey of Faith as new followers of Jesus.

Dentist David Ney continues to display the love of Jesus to those who are in need of medical care. It is amazing to watch this choice servant of the Lord use his training in such a thoughtful and kind way. Most of these patients have never before seen a dentist and are a bit apprehensive about being treated, but within seconds of meeting Dr. Ney they are immediately at ease and eager to be treated. His caring spirit encourages all around him. There is no one else on this team who so immediately displays the compassion of Christ.

I trust you will continue to pray for the entire work of this project. Each day we have three teams going into villages each morning to speak in multiple local schools (no fewer than 12 each day) and then another three teams go out at night to show the Jesus film in different villages. It’s always more of the same, but it never gets boring.

I hope you will continue to embrace the opportunities around you!