The Next To Last Day

IMG_0495.JPG[Abonse, Ghana] It’s Thursday afternoon here in Ghana as we near the end of this current ministry project. We have film crusades on Thursday and both schools and films planned for Friday. In all, we have presented the gospel in 121 different venues to an estimated audience in excess of 31,000 people. This is testimony to the wonderful preparation our national team did prior to our arrival on March 14th. The ministry has not been easy but the result has been excellent. We have rejoiced over the 21,000 individuals who have indicated personal decisions for Christ.

The next to last day has been a difficult for us. The electrical power went off around 3am and did not return until noon. After that the power has not been stable and has, in fact, been on and off all day long. The sky is clear today and the heat has been high. The breeze, which occasionally blows, is warm and makes the place feel like a convection oven. Even sitting under the shade trees brings little comfort. Such is a day in Ghana.

We have grown weary of our meals here too. Since our arrival in Ghana we have eaten chicken every day – grilled chicken with rice – grilled chicken with potatoes – grilled chicken with spaghetti – grilled chicken with vegetables – chicken, chicken, and more chicken. We all hope our families are not craving chicken on our first day home!

Please continue to pray for us as we enter the final day of the project and the journey home. We are scheduled to drive back to Accra on Saturday where we will enjoy a day in a much better hotel – complete with electricity, warm showers, and a marvelous dinner buffet (which will undoubtedly include chicken!) Our flight is planned for early Sunday morning. Please pray for our safety in travel.