The Ministry Intensifies

[Chennai, India]  It’s Tuesday night as I am writing this blog and I am happy to report that we have now seen over 5,600 individuals indicate their decision for Christ.  Today began with a very large, “Christian” school.  We listened to the students recite the Lord’s Prayer and go through other rituals.  However we were quickly aware of the truth that not everyone who is steeped in religious traditions knows the truth of Jesus Christ.

I noticed the intensity of the students as they listened to the simple truth of the Gospel.  They, for the first time, came to understand that Jesus has paid the price for their sins, and made a way for their salvation.  It was encouraging to listen to them pray and ask Christ into their lives.  So very many of them indicated that they had personally received Christ today.

Jeff has been doing an outstanding job in leading the music team in ministering in the schools.  Although he did not know that this would be a part of his ministry here, this choice servant adapted quickly and is a blessing to everyone.  I continue to  be thankful that God has brought us together in service.

We had the privilege of eating lunch in the home of James Sundar’s brother and his family today.  The feast prepared for us was wonderful and the fellowship with the family was tremendous.  James’ brother and his family were delightful and it was exciting to talk to them all about the things of God.

Late this afternoon we made our way through the difficult and congested streets of Chennai to visit a large Hindu temple.  This depressing journey burdened our hearts greatly.  I will write more about this later.

Please continue to pray for us and the ministry here.  We’re counting on you!