The Ministry Begins

[Ho West District, Ghana Monday, 19 February 2018]  The trip from Accra on Sunday was uneventful and blessed. Although this is one of the hottest months of the year in Ghana the Lord blessed our 4-hour drive under the cover of clouds and much cooler air. Upon arrival in our village hotel we were met by the full contingency of our Ghana team and were greeted in the traditional and gracious style. While all of these Ghanaians work with us, we only physically see each other twice per year so it always seems like a homecoming when we arrive.

Our first night here was good and we only lost electricity once. The rooms are comfortable and clean – we even have running hot water for showers. While certainly running the risk of getting ahead of ourselves, we are all grateful for God’s abundant grace that He is showing upon us today.

Monday began with at 0515, breakfast at 0600, and the scheduled departure in 5 different vehicles at 0700. The weather today is back to normal with temperatures hovering around 100. The air with thick with the harmattan sub-Saharan dust which gives the look of dense fog everywhere. The dental clinic saw over 50 patients while three school ministry teams shared with 18 individual schools. Today we will continue the showing of the Jesus films in 4 villages. Since Saturday our teams have spoken in 23 venues to an estimated audience nearly 4,000 individuals.

Please remember to pray for us as we continue in this project. Communication from this remote place is proving to be very difficult which means you will see far fewer posts in all the normal places. I hope you will take moments throughout the day to lift our team to the Father and ask His continued blessing upon us.