The Master of The Plantation

[Tuesday, 22 September 2015 –Asuom, Ghana] — The long, bumpy, and dusty roads that lead to our village assignments each day are challenging.  Often we wonder if our vehicles are going to make the trek but so far we have been able to negotiate these paths with seemingly little difficulty.


Picture from March 2015

As reported yesterday one Rover’s broke it’s universal joint on Sunday night but was completely dependable on Tuesday morning for the numerous school visits we made.  Tuesday allowed us to present the Gospel message in different schools.  Because of the national holiday on Monday, which gave students and teachers a break from school, our efficient and effective national team worked tirelessly to add those to our Tuesday schedule.  I can never say enough about the way this team works to coordinate for the presentation of the Gospel.

Much of today’s work took place within a 33,000-acre plantation that grew, harvested and processed both Rubber and Palm Trees.  The visual reminded me of the large Orange groves in Florida.  From the apex of the road we were able to see trees all the way to the horizon.  As my team made the journey up the tough terrain I began to wonder if we were ever going to encounter people.  After the assurance of our guide eventually we did come into several villages where people were eager to hear the Word of God.

The plantations were nearly completely “owned” by Muslims and I imagined the difficulty ahead of us and wondered about the reception we might receive.  The Lord reminded me “HE IS IN CONTROL” and I need not worry about anything. Over and over people outside the schools came to the places we were preaching and listened intently to the Gospel and responded openly to Go’s invitation to Salvation.   I some realized again that God Himself was the master of this plantation and all things are certainly in His control.

Since Saturday 19 October we have shared the Gospel in 34 different venues to an estimated audience of 7,020 individuals.  Please continue to pray that we will remain diligent in presenting Christ to all we encounter. He is the Master, Savior, Redeemer, and King.