The Joy of the Journey

10.04  Team Picture[Accra, Ghana] This chapter of ministry in Ghana is behind us. I have received word that Craig Barker, Mark Chase, and Andy Poe arrived safely at JFK in New York early on Saturday morning and are traveling to their home airports. I am thankful for the great ways God used each of these men while in country. Each performed their assigned tasks without complaint or hesitation. I look forward to the next project with these men.

Jeff Andler and I are awaiting our flight home on Saturday night. As we sit in our hotel here in the capital city of Accra reflecting on this most recent project we are reminded:

  1. While we fret about the inconveniences of electricity outages, rugged roads, and only cold water for the showers we realize that for these men here these are a part of daily life. We must learn to be grateful for the good things God has granted us.
  2. It seems like we have to provide funds and money for so many unexpected needs for the work here in Ghana. Not a single day goes by some very legitimate need is presented to us. Sometimes it seems overwhelming, but then we realize that God is the owner of everything and we are just the managers, thus we have been supplied by God to meet the needs of others. We must learn to be generous with our time, talents, and treasures.
  3. About this time in every project, when we are ready to be back home, it seems like I am on the verge of reacting rather than responding to people. We must be careful not to seem impatient or terse in comments or body language. Last night during dinner when the waiter engaged us in conversation I realized that we always have the chance encourage others with our conversation. Christianity is not a way of doing certain things … it is a certain way of doing everything! We must be careful to be gracious in our speech so as to have the opportunity to engage others with the gospel.

This project has been incredible. All-in-all we were able to share the gospel message with 31,008 individuals in 155 different ministry venues where 21,959. For this, and in all things, we give all the glory to God.