The Journey Home

Friday, 23 March
Denu, Ghana

On Wednesday our team had the opportunity to travel into Togo again.  After crossing the border, we traveled into Lome and beyond.  Our first stop was to meet with pastors and workers who were supposedly our future workers in Togo.  Once we sat down for a couple of hours with these men, it became apparent to us that ongoing ministry in Togo is still a ways off.

There seems to be a “turf war” going on within the christian community in Togo which will require the work of God in the lives of these people if we are to see effective ministry take place there.  It was encouraging to see the villagers drawn to the film crusades and respond openly to the Gospel.  The spiritual hunger on the part of the Togolese has encouraged our Ghana nationals to take more seriously the need to mentor the workers there and plan future ministry in that country.

Upon our arrival back in Ghana last night we discovered that the electricity had been off since about 6pm.  Our hotel was completely dark and extremely hot.  There was no breeze stirring, in fact the tree tops were completely still.  At the risk of sounding like we are whining, I will confess that it was miserable!  While lying on the bed, soaked in sweat, God reminded me that we were only enduring this “hardship” for a temporary time.  My mind was turned to the people here who live this way always and more importantly, I thought about the thousands who had heard the Gospel and responded.  “Were these precious souls not worth spending night in the heat?” I thought as I continued to ponder all that God was doing here.

By 12:30am the electricity had returned and the air of the spinning room fan felt like an Arctic breeze.  It was a blessing from God, Who is Good — All the time!

On Thursday We returned to Togo and conducted four separate school ministries and two film crusades.  The country is more difficult for this type of ministry than is Ghana, but it is still very productive.

This morning we concluded our school ministry programs and are heading back to Accra for the departure of team members, Andy and James.  Both of these men have been an extreme blessing to this project and I am thankful for their participation.  They are indeed choice servants of the Lord Jesus.

As of Friday noon we have been able to share the Gospel in 119 separate venues where we have seen 28,762 individuals indicate “first-time” decisions for Christ during this project.  All that we have witnessed is a testimony to the wonderful grace of God.

[Accra, Ghana — 2016]  After a full day of travel, we have arrived back in Accra where we watched James and Andy leave for home.  Their flight arrived on time for the USA.  Jeff and I are in the hotel here where we will stay until Sunday when we leave for home.