The greatest privilege of all is that of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all who will hear!


The work of the Gospel is never finished. Often I have the opportunity to stand in front of people who have never before heard the marvelous message of Jesus Christ.  Other times I have the privilege of preaching the unsearchable truths of the Lord to seasoned believers from pulpits of great churches both in America and elsewhere in the world. I have preached to crowds of several thousands and to groups of less than ten.  I have stood in cathedrals and I have preached in open fields.  In all these, the work of the Gospel was precious and wonderful.  I am so very thankful for the honor of preaching.

Sometimes our work affords us with the responsibility of more difficult things.  Such could be the case in India.  Without saying too much, I want to ask for your prayers while we are on the upcoming project.  We will need to know that our entire project is bathed in prayer.  Please make our ministry a daily part of your prayers.

Upon our return from India we will be making immediate plans for our next project in Africa.  As it stands now, we will be back in Ghana in late September.  Our team on the ground is already working diligently in preparation for that upcoming field evangelism project that will see us working in some remote and difficult areas of the country.  Please remember to pray for Rev. Dr. Samuel Lartey and his entire team as they make the numerous trips into the interior of the country in preparation for, what promises to be a most productive ministry venture.

In addition to this, please remember to pray for all those around the globe who are working hard for the sake of the Gospel.  While none know how long we have to share the Gospel, we must all work diligently to share our faith with those round us.  I thank every one of you for your continued faithfulness to the cause of Christ.

Until Jesus returns, I remain
Yours, in the fulfilling of the Great Commission,