The Glory of the Lord is in This Place!

The Glory of the Lord is in this place!  It is so refreshing to see the smiles on the faces of the students as we share with them the love of Jesus.  The schools we are visiting are remote and far removed from the larger towns and cities of Ghana.  To witness the excitement from the schools upon our arrival is truly an unbelievable experience.  Thus far, through Wednesday noon, we have shared the Gospel in 44 separate ministry venues and have seen 8,012 indicated decisions for Christ.

Our ministry so far has been in the extreme southeastern corner of Ghana along the Togoese border.  In fact, yesterday Dr. David walked just yards from where he was conducting the dental clinic and one of our pastors told him, “You are now in Togo.”  He quickly retreated back to the certainty of Ghana and assured the man that he did not know that he had crossed the border.  Many of the people we see are, in fact, from Togo.

Our team will travel into Togo on Thursday.  We will have James and Andy ministering in the village schools while David conducts a dental clinic.  This is a change in schedule but because of the persistence of the Togoese pastor, Bright, we are adjusting so that we can do a dental clinic for his people as well.

We first met pastor Bright in 2008 when we conducted our very first dental project.  This gentle and humble man watched in amazement at what God was doing through our ministry, not only the dental work, but, more importantly, the front-line evangelism in schools and villages.  He asked then if he could join us on future projects so he could learn our strategies and take them back into Togo.  Little did we realize what all that would mean.

On each of our projects since then, Pastor Bright has been a constant companion and serious student of our ministry.  He has watched carefully all that what is involved in this type of ministry and has began to put a team of Togoese believers together for future projects in their country.  I met with him yesterday, and he told me that he has been meeting weekly with his national team for prayer and planning.  He said, “By God’s grace, I think we are now ready for G.E.M. to come into Togo and witness all that God wants to do in our country.”