The First Week of Ministry Completed

Our first full week of ministry came to an end on Saturday, 15 March, as we left the Palm Hill Hotel and started our journey to the next place of service near the thriving township of Koforidua.

upsidedown flag 3.16.14Upon our arrival we noticed an unnerving sight of the American flag flying upside down — the sign of distress.  Although we were sure this was simply an unconscious oversight on the part of the hotel, it was an eerie reminder of what might be coming.  The subtle reminder that we are all in constant “distress” while in the battle for the souls of people.  Just as an upside down flag is a call for help from allies, ours is a call for the help of prayer warriors around the globe.

As I reflect on this just completed week of ministry in Ghana these are the things that come to mind:

david2 3.13.14 copy1.  The ministry of Dr. David Ney, a dentist from Davidson, NC, afforded us the opportunity of entrance into some otherwise closed villages in this part of Ghana.  It seems that these villagers had a lack of trust for “whites” who had before come into their area to exploit them and their land.  Although we do not know the full extent of what had happened it was clear that Europeans had taken advantage of the people and the resources.  The fact that we were coming and offering them free dental services proved that the love of God transcends barriers.  All in all the dental clinics alone allowed over 300 people to experience, firsthand, the truth that “God is Love.” (David left Ghana on Saturday night and should arrive back at his home by mid morning on Sunday.)

andy, grace & felicity 3.16.142.  Before our departure from the Palm Hill Hotel, team member and evangelist, Andy Poe, was able to share the gospel directly with two young women who worked at the facility.  Grace and Felicity had served us graciously all week in both the cleaning of the rooms and as workers in the restaurant.  They both possessed sweet smiles and gentle dispositions.  As Andy engaged them in conversation about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ both girls prayed to receive Christ before our departure. Even though we have seen thousands indicate their decision for Christ, it is particularly rewarding to know people on a more personal level.

3.  The ministry has been marked by uneventfulness. This means that there have been no glaring problems nor visible obstacles.  For this we are all thankful.  Because you are joining us in prayer the Enemy has been prevented from hindering the work of the Gospel.  Sure, the conditions have been rough, the comforts of home have been removed, and the circumstances have been real — the wonderful grace of God is sufficient.  Thus far through 102 different ministry venues we have be able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with nearly 18,000 people!

Please don’t stop praying now!  Beginning tonight, and continuing all week, we have three cinema crusades (where we show the JESUS film to large crowds gathered and then share the invitation to receive Christ as Lord and Savior) and beginning on Monday morning we will have three different school ministry teams going out to speak in numerous school assemblies each day.  The greatest part of the work is just ahead.

For the entire team of Jeff Andler, Craig Barker, James McLean, and Andy Poe, I am yours in the

Fulfilling of the Great Commission,

Roy D. Mason Signature

Roy D. Mason