The Final Word

[Frankfurt, Germany – 03 October, Monday, 1030 lt] The grace of God has proven sufficient, over and over again.  He has allowed us safety in travel, strength in our bodies, and solace in our souls.  He allowed us to preach the Gospel with passion and anointing.  He enabled us to see with His eyes the desperate plight of thousands who were without a personal relationship with Jesus.  He showed us again the huge difference between religion and relationship.  I am so thankful that we are not called to a religion but to a personal righteousness, made possible through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Jeff Andler and I are now sitting in the waiting area for our flight from Frankfurt to Philadelphia.  We’ve had a good night’s rest, great German food and now we are ready to get home.  It has been a joy to work alongside Jeff and the rest of this team on this project.  I am thankful for their labor in the field.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers for us.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.