The Change you can believe in (Is not always good)

[Anyinam, Ghana – 26 Sept. 1430lt, Monday] – The tag line of a recent presidential campaign talked a lot about change. Do you remember?  While promised change can be an exciting expectation, the sober reality is that change is sometimes for the worse.

The governmental climate is changing in Ghana.  They promised change, and change has come.

There is a progressive attitude here that has been driven by the socialistically minded globalists who have a hatred for Christ.  Since 2009 schools here have been increasingly influenced by NGOs (and other political groups) that oppose the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  “For all the years of our nation we have been teaching morals and values to our children in the schools,” said Dr. Sammy Lartey, director of GEM, Ghana.  “As the government has changed we have been told that God is no longer needed by the children in our schools.  It is harder and harder to get permission to bring the Gospel message into these assembly programs,” he continued.  “I believe, if the Lord tarries, that within the next 10 years there will be no allowance for us to minister to the school children,” said Lartey.

There is increasing pressure from anti-Christian sources to provide funding to the schools here as long as there is the assurance that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will not be shared in these settings.  While these groups proclaim to be totally pure in their belief that religion and schools do not mix, the obvious truth of the matter is that the attack is on the Christian faith. Muslims and others are still free to do as they please under the guise of freedom.  Only Christians are being discriminated against.  This is another proof of the change we can believe in.

In addition to the assault on the freedom of religion here, there is an all out assault coming in other ways.  I will share more on this in my next blog.

In spite of the opposition thus far we have shared the gospel in 71 venues and have witnessed over 9,700 individuals indicate their first-time decision for Christ.  This is all “by God’s grace.”  Keep praying for us.