The Beauty of God’s Creation

bodi falls 2 3.19.14[Boti Falls – Ghana]  The beauty and wonder of the Lord’s creation is a sight to behold.  After a morning filled with school ministry our entire team — both American and Ghanaian members were able to stop by and visit the majestic Boti Falls.  This beautiful double waterfall, which cascades over 200 feet to the pool below, is another reminder of the creative power of our heavenly Father.


Roy and Pastor 3.19.14Although the falls are not terribly far away for most of our pastors leaving in Ghana, the majority of our team had never before visited this site.  It was a joy to see them view this creative marvel for the first time.  The walk down the 250 poured steps was fairly easy, the return to the top of the mountain was a bit more challenging!

Thus far in our ministry we have stood before crowds totaling over 26,000 individuals in 162 separate venues, and have seen over 22,000 people indicate first-time decisions for Christ.  To God be all the glory and praise!

In two of our schools this morning we were invited to be a part of their weekly chapel services.  This is always a bit challenging after watching the energetic ways the students worship and praise God.  I always wonder what it is that I am to say to a group of worshippers who are so apparently School worship 3.19.14filled with the love of God.  Just before I stood to speak in one of the schools, Pastor Ebenezer Agbleze whispered in my ear, “How sad to see the people worshiping God without knowing Jesus!”  It was another reminder that not everything we do in the name of religion is acceptable.  I stood and shared with them the simple Gospel message and over 80% of those in attendance indicated that they had never before heard that Jesus was the ONLY way to God.

Remember Jesus said, I am THE way, I am THE truth, and I am THE life.  NO ONE comes to the Father, except THROUGH me.”  (John 14:6) The message of every Gospel preacher must be that is that there is none other than Jesus who gives eternal life.

Please continue to pray for the remaining days of our ministry here.