The Battles Belong to the Lord!

1 Samuel 17:47 says “…the battle is the LORD’S.”  This is certainly an encouragement we need during these days in Africa!

It is important to remember that Satan’s quiver of tricks is filled with various and diverse arrows — each one designed to hinder or stop the proclamation of the Gospel.

Our day started early with a journey again into the remote villages of this area on roads that are “less traveled.”  By the time Jeff Andler’s team arrived for their first assignment they realized a problem with one of our Land Rovers.  From all indications something had gone wrong with the engine which resulted in the inability to start the vehicle or move the team at all.  Pastor Simon (one of our key men here) frantically, but unsuccessfully, tried to reach our director Rev. Sammy Lartey for the next hour by mobile phone.  Sammy and his team was with Brianna Chase and  me conducting school programs of our own.

As our team loaded into our Rover for the trip to the next set of schools the phone finally connected and we learned the news of Jeff and his team in the remote village.  This of course meant that we had to find and purchase engine oil as well as look for a mechanic that could travel with us out to the village in hopes of repairing the problem in the Land Rover.  This all proved to be no small undertaking.

After several attempts we were able to find what we hope we needed.  We drove the hour or so out to Jeff and his team.  Upon arrival the mechanic began to work on the vehicle and we all loaded into our truck for the next set of schools.  While making this trek, we had a tire go flat!  All of this is “just another day” in the life of field evangelism.

In addition to all of this we are having on-going problems with our generators (which are used each night for the screening of the JESUS films).  Last night in fact, the generator stopped working in the middle of the film where Mark Chase was preaching.  This of course means that not only does the film and sound system stop working, but that all the lights go out as well.  Mark said he just got louder and kept preaching!

We have, today, sent the generators in for repairs and are trusting God for them for tonight.  All of these are spiritual battles, but I am happy to report that each team member is positive and encouraging to each other.  God has certainly put this team together for this project.

As always, Sammy proves to be the greatest encourager.  He muttered,while driving out to get Jeff this morning, “This is going to be a GREAT project!  Satan is trying to disturb us, but God will never fail us!”  He is right.  “Greater is He who is in [US] than he who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)