The Battleground Intensifies

[Anyinam, Ghana – 29Sept. Thursday, 1605 GMT] The warfare has intensified.  The dark forces of evil seem to have doubled down over the past three days.  Although God continues to prove faithful to us all, it has become more obvious than ever that we are in a huge spiritual battle.

Here is the latest battle.  On Wednesday evening we encountered yet another problem with one of our vehicles.  While James and Nick were traveling to their project sites the Land Rover broke the rear axle.  This caused us to leave the Rover in a strange village overnight and hope for repairs the next morning.


As you can see from the pictures the situation is dire, but God continues to show His faithfulness. A mechanic is working on this now and we have sent to Accra for the new parts.  It was an expensive undertaking, but we are hoping that the vehicle will be operational by tomorrow.  This in itself will prove to be a miracle.  Realize that all the repairs are being made, right in the middle of the dirt road!

This was but one additional problem we have had over the past three days.  I have shared some of these issues with you in previous blogs.

What has been different these past three days?  It should be noted that during this last week of the project we have been working in a heavily Muslim area of the region.  Nearly everywhere we go we see mosques and other icons of the religion.  Even though there is apparently little influence of the religion here we do know that we are in the midst of a battlefield and the Lord Jesus is proving victorious!

This morning Jeff had the opportunity to share the Gospel with the students in an Islamic school.  “It is always amazing to see the Truth of the Gospel transcend the barriers as we watch Muslim teenagers listen to the Gospel, respond in personal faith, pray to receive Christ and eagerly accept a copy of the Scriptures. I am honored to be a part of what God is doing!” said Jeff Andler.  The Gospel truly is the power of God unto salvation and we are attempting to share it will all who will listen!  As our byword in Ghana reminds us, we are “Going where others refuse to go!” Even in the face of all the opposition we have shared the Gospel in 105 separate venues where over 16,000 individuals have indicated their decision for Christ!

Please continue to pray for us as we complete our assignment here.  We will be leaving Anyinam on Friday morning and heading back toward Accra.  James and Nick are scheduled to fly home Friday night while Jeff and I will be leading in school ministries and film crusades.  On Saturday we are scheduled to share the Gospel in a funeral service before our flight home that evening.  Keep praying.  Don’t let up!