The Battle Intensifies

Monday, 19 March
Denu, Ghana

A life of faith is not a life of one glorious mountaintop experience after another,like soaring on eagles’ wings,but is a life of day-in and day-out consistency; a life of walking without fainting (see Isaiah 40:31 ).
— Oswald Chambers

The work of the Gospel here has been met with some opposition.  Last night during the showing of the Jesus Film in one of the villages Andy and his team witnessed the power of God in a wonderful way.  After the preaching of the word, a certain woman responded in faith but testified that she was struggling with demonic influence and control in the form of what is known as “marine spirits.”  The pastors invited Andy to join them as they laid hands on the woman and prayed for her.  Within moments the woman fell to the ground, convulsing.  In a matter of a few seconds, the woman grew completely calm, but simultaneously a nearby dog began to bark uncontrollably.  It certainly brought to mind the story recorded in Luke 8: 26-33.  Andy reported that after the woman got up off the ground she was a visibly changed and composed woman.  Such is the wonder-working power of the Holy Spirit!

Today during one of my school presentations we where hindered by one of the teachers.  The large man forbade us from speaking to his students.  He said that his class did not need what we had to offer.  I noticed on the chalkboard in a classroom, the following:

“The holy prophet Mohammed”, Romans 12

While I know there is no correlation between the two things written on the board, I did find it interesting that I was able to preach the Gospel against that backdrop.  All the students in this school, except those in this one teacher’s class (about 25 students) sat and attentively listened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  When the invitation of grace was given, 275 indicated their first-time decision to receive Jesus Christ.  While this one evil teacher tried to dissuade his students from hearing the Gospel, I know that many of his class did hear the message.  I am praying that some of the new believers in that school (The Name of the school was Calvary-Ransom School) will share the word of God with those prevented from attended our assembly time.  I also pray that this hard-hearted teacher will be drawn by God to repentance and faith.  After all, the Gospel is the Work of God — not of men.

Through noon on Monday we have seen 16,848 people indicate their decision for Christ.