The Anticipation

In a matter of days most of us will have our thoughts turned toward the Christmas season.  Without any effort of our own, we will be bombarded with the images and ideas of the coming Christmas celebrations.  What once waited until after the Thanksgiving holiday has now become at least a two-month season of preparation and anticipation.  I confess; that is not all bad!

On Saturday my grandson asked me if we could go to Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.  He’s only three but Lowe’s is one of his favorite stores.  It is one of the special places that he likes to go with “Pop-Pop” and I like it too.  As we were strolling around the store his attention was immediately drawn to the Christmas displays and decorations.  I had such a wonderful time as he was awed by the lighted trees, ornaments, snow globes, the blow-up yard decorations, and most importantly — the toy train sets.  He told me that we needed to buy a train set for my office!  Of course he was right!

The wonder in the boy’s eyes brought a joy to my heart and I am afraid I too often forget.  My boy Jayden was anticipating the coming of Christmas in our lives.  He is already excited about what will soon be.  He is already talking about candy canes and colored lights.  He is excited!

This reminded me that Christians should live in an excited anticipation of God’s promises.  His greatest promise is summed up in Ephesians 2:8 –-“For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God;” The salvation that God has given us is a wonderful promise that has been realized through His gift of faith.  We have, as a result of His grace been given assurance that every promise of God is true and therefore we should live in anticipation of the realization of those promises.  He promises us that

  • He loves us and is coming again for us.
  • He will never leave us or forsake us.
  • He will save any who call upon His name.
  • He has all things in His control.

I want to encourage you to live in the anticipation of all that God is doing in your life.  It is my prayer that the childlike anticipation of my grandson will be evident in our lives over all the things God is.  Jesus has come … and IS coming again.  Anticipate it!