That I may know Him

Oswald Chambers said, “The aim of a spiritually vigorous saint is “that I may know Him . . .” Do I know Him where I am today? If not, I am failing Him. I am not here for self-realization, but to know Jesus Christ. In Christian work our initiative and motivation are too often simply the result of realizing that there is work to be done and that we must do it. Yet that is never the attitude of a spiritually vigorous saint. His aim is to achieve the realization of Jesus Christ in every set of circumstances.” (read devotional) <>

The basic question facing every true believer is this:  “Do I know Him today?”  We live so much of our life in an attitude of compartmentalization where we try and put areas of our life in boxes hoping that the areas will never intersect.  You and I are called to live our life in a way where we are examples of Jesus Christ for all the world to see — all the time.  When we lose our cool or are sharp-tongued toward others we are certainly revealing the fact that, at the moment, we do NOT know Him.  With an attitude of complete surrender we are able to lay aside all our claims to our rights and realize that our rights have been surrendered to the rights of Jesus Christ.  When we KNOW HIM, we know about Him and His perfection.  I pray that today you are living in the reality of Jesus Christ.  He is our Lord.  He is our Savior.  He is our Master.  He is our everything!