Team Arrives Safely in Accra

[Accra, Ghana – 16 Sept. 0945 lt] – After a couple of days of travel, Jeff Andler and I have arrived in Ghana.  After a good night’s rest and a great breakfast we are waiting for the arrival of Drs. David Ney and James McLean.  Once these men clear customs we will climb into our Land Rovers and travel the three hours or so out to Akosombo for the first stage of our ministry project.

The weather here is very pleasant.  The temperature this morning is a wonderful 80 degrees with virtually no humidity.  It would be a complete blessing to have these conditions throughout the project, but this is certainly not expected.

God continues to encourage us with evidence of His presence.  On the flight from Frankfurt, both Jeff and I were encouraged by meeting fellow believers who exhibited the grace of God.  One of our flight attendants, Oscar, was quick to share his faith with us.  He, his wife, and two children are active members of a small evangelical church in the Frankfurt.  He shared with us the plight of the church in Germany and his pain at the fact that so many church members there are nominal and complacent in their involvement in evangelism.  This discouraged him and challenged him to be more passionate in his faith.  In addition to Oscar we met a brother named Emmanuel, a Ghanaian who now lives in Hamburg traveling with us to Ghana.  This man wanted to talk about our views on the current world situation in light of scripture.  As Jeff talked with this man all I could hear was the name of Jesus being constantly repeated.  It was wonderful to hear the name above all names constantly lifted up during our flight.

I think that God was showing us His abiding presence to us to prepare us for the ministry we are about to undertake.  We do not know what the coming days will hold, but we know Who holds the coming days.  Please continue to pray for us and the ministry before us.  Pray for strength, safety, stamina, and security for the team in the coming days.