Team Arrives in Ghana

img_010216OCTOBER 2016–[ADA,GHANA] After delays in both Raleigh and JFK our team arrived in Ghana and settled into our hotel in Accra. While Jeff and I attended the wedding of our National Director’s youngest daughter Priscilla in Tema, James, Craig, and Mark were able to rest from the long flight. Following the wedding, which was an incredible celebration of worship. The ceremony honored the parents, challenged the couple and exalted the Lord Jesus. It was far from the dull wedding in the US that are often little more than a day designed to display the beauty of a bride and her party.

After the 3-hour service we returned to our hotel in Accra and had a great dinner together then turned in for the night.

On Sunday morning we did our market run for things needed for the next two weeks and then set out on our journey to the project area which starts in Ada. The trip was uneventful and our hotel is very good and comfortable. Upon our arrival we were met by Nick Ollila, who has been living in Ghana since May. It was good to see him and we are looking forward to our time together in ministry.

Please remember to pray for us and the projects ahead of us. We have 3 teams going out tonight for film crusades. We are counting on your constant prayers.

Blessings …