Teacher Strike in Ghana Threatens The Gospel

Schools  3.18.13News reached us today that the national teachers in Ghana have, once again, initiated a strike.  This of course means that the schools will be vacated and fallow — devoid of students.  Since we are ministering in villages and towns which are a bit far removed from the Capital city of Accra the official word of the strike has not yet reached the schools here.

On Monday, in an effort to speak to as many students as possible, Jeff Andler, Craig Barker, Briana Chase, and I spoke to 19 different schools groups!  This was our hottest day yet, but by God’s grace we were able to complete our assignments by mid afternoon.  We are praying that this on-going strike does not hinder us greatly during the remainder of our time here.

Briana  3.18.13Please pray that GOD will divinely orchestrate our projects in such a way that will be undaunted by this political unrest. We are scheduled to have film crusades each night (which will not be greatly effected by the strike) and numerous schools each day.

Team members Briana and Craig will leave Ghana tomorrow on their journey back home.  Please pray for their safety in travel and ease of connection through Germany and the US.  They have been valuable assets to our work here and we will miss them.  Both of these have been used greatly by God during their days here.  Briana has brought a freshness and joy to our work and the national team has been especially blessed by her ministry here.
Roy thumbs up  3.18.13


The team of Mark Chase and Nick Ollila will work alongside Jeff and me for the balance of our time here. Please continue to pray for the spread of the Gospel.