Take the Sixty-Day Challenge

journalGratitude is a loosely used are rarely understood word. By strictest definition gratitude is the quality of being thankful but it implies so much more. Gratitude, as a part of the G3 culture, is an awareness of the presence of God in our lives and taking the opportunity to express this without reservation. Imagine what might happen if we lived with open gratitude for all that God is doing around us.

Everything that takes place [everyday] is in the control of God. Understanding this means that even the difficult times are in His control.

As Wiersbe wrote “God answers prayer, and whatever He does is for your good and His glory. Calamities pass, so praise God for seeing you through them. Lock up each day with prayer and unlock each day with praise. Praise is great medicine and will take all bitterness, envy, jealousy and unrest out of your life.”

I want to challenge you to participate with me in 60 Days of Gratitude. Here is what I have in mind…

Begin to keep a journal. As a part of your daily bible reading and devotional time, write down something VERY SPECIFIC for which you are grateful. These can be from the mundane to the fantastic. Something as simple as the cool breeze that greets your face on a hot summer day to the absolute Truth of God’s salvation.

This is going to serve as a foundation of living a life that is more fully aware of God’s wonderful blessings and provision. Are you up for this first of three challenges?