Sunday, March 11 – Our First Full Day of Ministry

[Denu, Ghana 1400, LT] — We have arrived and settled into our wonderful field hotel here in eastern Ghana.  The small town of Denu is only a ten minute drive from the Togolese border.  The town is typical to others here and has all the reminders that we are certainly in Africa.  The small streets are crowed with people — some in vehicles, more on bikes, but most of foot scurrying from place to place looking for their daily provisions.  The atmosphere is dusty and dry, but the occasional rain shower serves to settle things down.

The town is only a five minute walk from the seashore so there is a constant breeze and smell of salt water in the air.  This is, in fact, a most pleasant place for our team to stay.

All of our team members are doing great.  It is a wonderful thing to have such a committed team of brothers who have learned the rules of engagement — adapt and adjust.  I am thankful to God for His marvelous provision on these projects.

Today, Dr. David conducts the first dental clinic of the project.  Our entire team accompanied him to the church where the clinic would be held.  This church seemed strong and were thankful that we had come to minister alongside them.  The congregation of over 200 were warm and welcoming.  It encouraged us to know there were other believers in this place. I asked them, and they agreed, to pray for us daily as we journey into the hinterlands with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last night we conducted two separate film crusades where we shared the Jesus film in remote village settings.  The crowds were relatively small but we were able to see over 450 individuals indicate their first-time decision for Christ.  The people in this area are held captive by traditionalism and tribalism which includes Juju and other demonic influences.  Most have never heard of Jesus in personal terms.  The Gospel is certainly an unknown reality for them.

We are believing that this is going to be a truly supernatural project.  Please remember to pray daily for us.  Remember we are four hours ahead of EDT.