Sunday in Ghana

9.28 New church[Asesewa, Ghana] —As our friends in America settle in after church for an afternoon and evening of the NFL we here in Ghana prepare for another day of ministry as we reflect on the just completed Sunday worship services. Three of our team joined Pastor Sammy Lartey — our national director in country — for the inaugural services of a new church in one of the remote villages where we have ministered this past week.

Ever the visionary, Lartey and his team planned ahead and moved one of our Ghanian pastors from his comfortable church near Kpong to this remote area for rural ministry. Pastor John Amauley, his wife Elizabeth and his six children accepted the assignment without hesitation.

9.29 Amauley daughtersThe first service of the new church, meeting in a local school building, was led by Pastor Mark Chase who preached on the establishment of a New Testament church. When Mark closed the message with an invitation to receive Jesus Christ it was encouraging to see five people invite Jesus into their hearts! In attendance for the service were fellow team members Craig Barker and Andy Poe. When asked about the day of worship Craig said, “It was loud but exciting! ” Certainly a reference to the jubilant style of worship with nearly all Ghanians. In addition to the preaching and singing there was a time for pictures taken by Andy Poe.

Three teams are out tonight for film crusades (providing the rains do not force the cancellation) and we have a very full week starting tomorrow morning. Please continue to pray for our ministry in Ghana.